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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 80; The woes of Miles Edward O'Brien


Cardie: You're telling me my Tamagotchi just rolled onto the transporter pad and accidentally beamed away? Keiko Ishikawa?

O'Brien: So, you guys wear cups? Never mind, I'll know in a minute.

Miles: See, you just squeeze this real hard and the stabbies go away for another day.

Keiko, you're warmer than usual.

Miles: You think the cake looks good, but I bet you a strip of latinum it has seafood in it.

Keiko: Oh Miles. Squid is a high source of copper.

Julian: And endocrine disruptors!

Keiko: Try not to ignite the flame with your breath this year.

Jules: Kiss me, Hardy!
Miles: I think Nelson said "Kismet."
Jules: Kismet, Hardy! With tongue!

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