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Re: If they made a 25th century TV series, would you watch it?

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X-men and Avengers both had successful spinoffs (and prequels)
The Avengers had spin offs and sequels? Are you posting from the future? The Iron Man, Thor and Cap films aren't "prequels" to Avengers. Iron Man 3 isn't a spin off. The only spin off so far is Agents of SHIELD, which has yet to air. Was X-Men Origins: Wolverine a success?

^Wolverine still isn't a core character though.
Wolverine is a core character as far the cinematic X-Men are concerned. He also appears in pretty much every other Marvel Comics title, including a couple of Avengers' books.

Technically X-Men arent core characters or at least Wolverine isn't. Avengers came out around the 40's and 20 years later marvel wanted to expand the universe and created other heroes, including the X-Men, which spinned more heroes 10 years later, including Wolverine (or was it Hulk that first introduced him). I wouldn't call X-Men or at least Wolvrine failing
. You don't have a firm grasp of the history of Marvel Comics, do you?
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