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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

This is my second try tonight, since I deleted the sucker by accident the first time.

CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


"Sometimes that shit comes back around BIG TIME!!!!" by Nicky Nicholls

And somewhere, OFF camera we hear a hopeful voice proclaim the good news...

"I got the marriage form. It's all filled out."

Piper is smiling as she stands at the prison phone bank.

Larry is on his cell while walking freely down a street in the (presumably) Park Slope section of NYC. No snow, no hat, just his jacket & scarf, oh, and he's not smiling.

Larry: Good. Good.

Piper looks over her shoulder at the guard standing nearby, and lowers her voice.

Piper: If I make it.

Larry: (slightly incredulous) If you make it?

Piper: Someone's trying to kill me, a Christian Meth head.

You didn't forget that message rat, did you?

Larry: (More incredulous) Someone ELSE is trying to kill you?

Umm, Larry... did you ever ask Piper why she has a new room mate? Because her OLD room mate tried to strangle a tall young female corrections officer who asked her where her badge was and why she had on non-regulation nail polish.

Piper: Hey. Its not my fault. I didn't ask for this. It just...

Larry: It just happened? It happened. The DRAMA happened to find you...

Umm Yeah, Larry. Don't you remember telling her brother Cal, just a couple weeks ago, that PIPER was the MOST interesting part of your life. Its BECAUSE things HAPPEN to her!

Larry: ... like it always does. Because you NEED it.

He turns off the sidewalk alongside a wrought iron fence before someone's brownstone.

Piper: (She looks puzzled) Where did THAT come from?

Larry: (He leans against the fence, nonchalantly) I met Alex.

Piper's hand clutches at the wall phone to steady her trembling body. Her eyes close as if in prayer before she dares to ask...

Piper: What do you mean... you "met" Alex?

She opens her eyes as she steels herself for his response.

Larry: I wanted to tell her to stay away. Uhhh, I wanted her to see that I was a REAL person that she was hurting.

Right... you wanted to tell this woman who HELPED RUN THE HEROIN IMPORT BUISNESS FOR AN INTERNATIONAL DRUG CARTEL that she was hurting you. Hell Larry, don't you REALIZE that she could easily find someone in her organization that could ASSASINATE you if she wanted???

Geeze Louise, how clueless can one yuppie get?

Larry: But... actually Piper, YOU were the one doing all the hurting.

Piper: (A slight strident tone creeps in) Whatever she said is a lie, Larry.

Piper, Piper, Piper. You've know Alex for how long? You know she'll mix enough truths into any story that only the most discerning listener will notice the un-truths. And after Healy's phone call to Larry on Thanksgiving, we KNOW he is NOT a discerning listener.

Piper: She is a crazy, manipulative liar. This is unbelievable. (Now a reproachful note joins the chorus) I can't believe you didn't trust me to handle this on my own!

Well now, Piper. Since going to prison you have become a tad untrustworthy. You never mentioned Alex was in there with you the first couple weeks, then you never told him about your physical and emotional intimacy with her until he asked "Are you STILL having sex with her / Do you love her?"

(We'll leave his complicity in all this at the side for now.)

Larry: No. I didn't. I didn't. And doesn't that say so much?

And now the man that supposedly makes his living with words... takes to quoting themes from Alex AND his Father to explain his decision.

Larry: I can't be on your ride anymore.

Piper's face tells all. She is in SHOCK!

Larry: I don't think we share the same values. Why was I in such a hurray {to wed}? Because I was AFRAID. You... you shouldn't be with someone out of fear.

Piper is incredulous. Her entire world is spinning out of control. The ground is cracking open, threatening to swallow her whole.

Piper: (softly) no. no. (slightly louder) No. No. No.

Piper gestures as if he can see her.

Larry: (he's resolute.) I'm sorry... I... (shakes his head) Bye Piper.

Piper: (tears are in her eyes, and in her voice) No, Larry.

He ends the call.

He looks shocked.

The hand holding her phone drops it...

Piper: (To no-one there) No. No.

...and she starts to hyperventilate as she slides down the wall to the floor.


Scene switches to the white suburbs where Nicky is still sitting on Alex's bed, but is keeping her hands to herself. I don't think Nicky was satisfied with Alex's "secret Santa" present, since Alex is still working on those damned bead earrings.

Alex is laughing with Nicky until she hears a woman run into the room.

Piper: ALEX!

Piper's righteous INDIGNATION melts too quickly (for my tastes) in the face of Alex's ANGER.

Alex: Are you kidding me. GET OUT.

Piper: (Milk-toast) Alex...

How long has Alex waited, to say these words to Piper. What did I accuse Larry of, after Thanksgiving? An eye for an eye... a HEART for a HEART.

Alex: Get OUT. No Fucking Way!!!

Piper just stands there, swaying from the emotional beating she's just received from two of the few people in the world she can say she truly loved.

Alex: Get OUT!

Nicky has been sitting there quietly, intermittently grinning at the ring side seat she has for this circus, when she decides to put her 2 cents in.

Nicky: You heard "the lady".

Nicky motions for Piper to leave.

Piper is still swaying from the earthquakes rattling her world but she turns and silently walks away.

The camera hones in on Alex's face, until even the hardened criminal can no longer look the world in the eye and drops her gaze.

"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte
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