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Re: STAR TREK the enemy of LOST IN SPACE?

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Actually, it took off in the second season premiere, stayed up for a few episodes before crashing down on a planet and meeting Wally Cox and his Chicken Monster.
Listen, that episode served up some bold social commentary on large birds and the danger of drinking high-explosive beverages. Things no other show was willing to talk about.

LIS might have been better off sticking to more realistic overall scenarios and leaving the comedy to Jonathan Harris. Dr. Smith's scene-stealing presence was like lightening in a bottle compared to the more workaday roles of John, Don, and Maureen.

Harris was the biggest thing LIS had that the other Irwin Allen shows did not. He literally stole (and I think saved) the show.

And this had an effect on Star Trek, because after Guy Williams famously became a supporting character in "his own" show, agents of leading men began demanding contract clauses that kept any character from having more lines than the official star. Thus William Shatner found himself having to count lines to ensure Nimoy wasn't getting more than him. It's not that Shatner was petty-- he was just trying to avoid the professional catastrophe that had befallen Guy Williams.
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