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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for the Aldebaron Colony.
B is for Braslota System.
C is for 'Chamber of the Ages'. The Horta's birthing room.
D is for Deneva.
E is for Ekos. Close neighbor to the planet Zeon. Likes to pop off thermonuclear missiles at passersby.
F is for Finnegan's nasty practical jokes.
G is for Genetronic Replicator.
H is for Haakonian war crimes against the Talaxians.
I is for the Imperial Klingon Cruiser Amar. It's interception of the V'Ger cloud went VERY badly.
J is for Joe Tormolen. He and cutlery were not the best of friends.
K is for Koloth. A Klingon Commander that could be taken down with a armful of tribbles.
L is for Landru's Lawgivers.
M is for Merrikus. Formerly Captain R M Merrik of the SS Beagle. A traitor and a coward. Sacrificed his crew and his ship for his own personal well being.
N is for Nurse Alyssa Ogawa.
O is for the Orrelious Colony.
P is for Pakleds, they look for things.
Q is for the Q Continuum's patronizing attitude towards life forms and species they considered inferior. Which was....pretty much all other life forms and species.
R is for Riley. Lt. Kevin Riley. Descendant of Irish kings. So he thinks.
S is for the Sheliak Corporate, a rather significant Federation adversary dating back to at least the 2250s of the Prime reality.
T is for Tantalus Field.
U is for Urellians.
V is for Valeris' treachery.
W is for the War between the Romulans and the Earth-led Coalition of Planets that was fought from 2156 until 2160.
X is for Xindi Xenophobia.
Y is for the Yridian tendency to dabble in interstellar trade and commerce.
Z is for Zenite Gas.
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