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Re: How's the "Popcorn" button on your microwave?

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I think the last time I ate popcorn was years ago. It was from a bag, and it tasted like eating salted nothing.
Salted nothing with butter, usually
Butter on popcorn is not particularly common in Italy, usually it's served with salt only.
Well, that's just stupid.

On the telephone side conversation: I don't technically have anything to add to it. However, I did find out recently that European phones and American phones looked different. The one trekkiedane posted was inspired by the modernist movement and the Bauhaus school and was entirely about efficiency of function. This was the American equivalent, which had the cool sloping sides that made things look more snug and cozy. Like I said, that doesn't add anything. I was just bored last week and saw a tv program that mentioned it.
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