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Re: If they made a 25th century TV series, would you watch it?

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You're still speculating. Did you talk to the millions of people?
Speculations based on well-established metrics.
That quote was in regard to a non-Kirk/Spock movie only bringing in a few hundred viewers. Which metric covers that?
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But you're talking about things that run concurrently with their successful parents or where the parent is still there and new elements are added.
The Batman they are using in Justice League may not tie to the Dark Knight, X-men origins: Wolverine had an old Professor X before First Class, and Spiderman and Amazing Spiderman are two different movies. You could even lump Hulk and the Incredible Hulk in that group, the remake made it into Avengers.
But the Batman in MoS2 is still Batman. The Wolverine spin-offs are still Wolverine. They're a kin to would-be stand-alone Kirk movies. Spiderman and Hulk movies are still Spiderman and Hulk. You're making Bill's argument for him.
I was saying those movies aren't concurrent. The first set of Spiderman movies introduced mutant slingers, which was debooted back to web slingers. The Batman of MoS2 isn't going to share the Dark Knight's backstory. Hulk went from one TV version, to the first movies remake, back to a TV similar remake, and none of them were concurrent. X-Men and it's movies contradicts itself, with Professor X having legs in Woverine and in the beginning of Last Stand yet he was paralized in First Class.
None of these films or their characters have deviated from the core.
All of these movies deviated from their comicbook core.

There hasn't been many examples of films based on non-core characters of a franchise, but they've all failed.
Technically X-Men arent core characters or at least Wolverine isn't. Avengers came out around the 40's and 20 years later marvel wanted to expand the universe and created other heroes, including the X-Men, which spinned more heroes 10 years later, including Wolverine (or was it Hulk that first introduced him). I wouldn't call X-Men or at least Wolvrine failing.

My original point of all this Marvel-babble was that movies can expand without relying on reboots and the ones that did (Hulk and Spiderman) can as easily be debooted back (Incredible Hulk and Amazing Spiderman).
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