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Re: Would Nemesis Have Fared Better?

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Of there had been any real antisipation of additional TNG movies, the script never would have depicted Riker getting his own command.

Exactly. Though I always figured giving Riker the Titan was Berman hedging his bets. "Stewart and Spiner might say they're done, but I bet I can get Frakes and Sirtis back". It would also allow a mostly new crew, a direction the studio had wanted to go in.
Oh, how I wish they had.

I always wanted Riker to be the Captain instead of Picard. I have the Titan novels at least, which I am loving.
I know how you feel. I felt the same way when I started watching TNG decades ago... I always though Riker should be captain and Picard should have been his mentor admiral.

I'm not sure Titan could carry a movie. How about Titan as the much discussed return to TV?
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