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Re: Was Roddenberry a Terrible Writer?

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For one thing, had it not been for Star Trek, Meyer would still be a hack nobody. And, frankly, outside of Trekdom, he is a hack nobody.
Anybody who can write CONFESSIONS OF HOMING PIGEON is no goddamn hack.

If you're gonna jump his shit, do it for that sellout job he did rewriting the end of FATAL ATTRACTION.

I don't think QUESTOR really represents GR consistently. I think most of the good stuff is Coon; I'd bet anything that John Vernon's character says is pretty much all Coon.

Richard Colla gave an interview discussing QUESTOR and Nimoy's exit. I don't think it is STARLOG, but it might be; I keep thinking it was ENTERPRISE INCIDENTS.

Now the 'seduce the rich old lady spy' bit, that's GR. In fact I remember that INSIDE STAR TREK album where he explains how he wanted to have the robot seduce Dana Wynter, but of course TPTB would not permit it.
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