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Re: West Wing timeline divergence?

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IIRC, doesn't the series begin with Bartlet's election? And that wasn't an election year IRL so they must have been fudging the dates a bit because of that.
The pilot episode is actually set about eight or nine months into Jed's first term -- so, in other words, in about September of 1999, which is when it aired in real life. So Jed would have been elected in 1998 and taken office in January 1999.

Basically, WWverse elections are held in what are in real life the midterms as a result of Nixon.
If a US Preident resigns, his successor serves out the end of the term. There are no special elections. As such, Nixon's resignation should not have 'shifted' the election schedule, nor should anything that might have happened to Reagan.
Well, technically, the constitution doesn't say one way or the other. This was debated back when Tyler became President. Some thought he was just a President until a special election could be held. He resolved this by declaring "I am the President" and refusing to allow a special election and we've followed that since. Who knows if this would be true in an alternate history. Maybe they past a quick Constitutional amendment instead.

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Maybe the point of divergence is WWII, maybe the 1944 election never happened and the election was delayed until WWII over. Given that it ended in Aug 1945 allowing time for primaries etc.. perhaps 1946 would be the earliest date they could hold it.
If we could hold an election in 1864, I think we could hold one in 1944!
For what it's worth, the UK did not (they suspended elections throughout the entire war until nearly the end).
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