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Re: Stephen King's Under the Dome - TV Series Discussion Thread

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I assume that she's being written as developmentally challenged, because every decision she has made has been....

Phew! Was worried there you were going to go in a pretty awkward area. But, yeah, she's made a lot of bad decisions Other hints include making Junior a deputy. Which I guess his character redemption arc is over since now it seems even what's-her-name (Angie?) sort-of trusts him now. I mean it's not like a week and a half or so ago she was peeing and pooping herself in his rape dungeon. Er, storm shelter.

I am glad mustache-twirling lady villain is gone. Sheesh was her coming-out-of-nowhereness villainy getting old. And, yes, honey, walk around an abandoned mine in 3-inch heels, I bet that will work out well for you.

And, WOW! Did you see how easy and convenient it is to use that Toyota Plug-In Hybrid?! There's even convenient charging stations at your local clinic that's been without major power for over a week! (I doubt the back-up generators are running the recharger for the single electric car in town and are going to more critical systems.)

And, wow, for a kid who's only had some driving lessons he sure maneuvered around the storm debris and falling branches nicely. I've been driving for 20 years and I doubt I could pull that kind of stunt-driving off.
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