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Re: Was Roddenberry a Terrible Writer?

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Can't remember though, was Questor before or after Nimoy's stint on Mission: Impossible?
Nimoy was on M:I from 1969-71, the two years immediately following ST. The Questor Tapes was aired in January 1974.

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For one thing, had it not been for Star Trek, Meyer would still be a hack nobody. And, frankly, outside of Trekdom, he is a hack nobody.
Well, that's neither true nor fair. Before TWOK he was known for his best-selling Sherlock Holmes novel The Seven Per Cent Solution (whose film adaptation he wrote the screenplay for) and its sequel The West End Horror, and for directing the successful 1979 film Time After Time. He also wrote the 1975 TV movie The Night That Panicked America (a dramatization of the Orson Welles War of the Worlds broadcast) and directed the influential 1983 TV movie The Day After, both of which got him Emmy nominations. The Day After was the highest-rated made-for-TV movie in history up to that point (at least) and helped influence a lot of people's attitudes toward nuclear war. And Meyer was offered the job immediately after he finished production on TWOK, and thus before it was released, so it's doubtful that he got the job because of TWOK.

So if Meyer had never done Trek, he'd still be famous for his Holmes work, Time After Time, and The Day After if nothing else, and he'd still be the recipient of multiple Emmy nominations and an Oscar nomination. Indeed, "outside of Trekdom," I'm sure he's already more famous for those thing than he is for TWOK and TUC. Trek is a pretty minor part of his career, all told.
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