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Re: Oberth Class – the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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What "hole"? This is obviously an added on decal while the mounting rod is on the port side.
After seeing a photo of an Enterprise-A model kit decal of the airlock port, I will admit that it definitely looks like that's what it is. However...

The original VFX model (Grissom) had an overall length of 120 meters according to its creators. That it was "upscaled" for TNG is the logical conclusion of cross-sections established during TNG.
I still don't believe that the Oberth class is 120 meters, and I don't particularly care what someone wrote on a sketch. I think it was always larger than that; ergo, it is the same size in TNG that it was in STIII. And this docking port decal actually shows that.

But even if we approached the size in the Thermian way, than this would be at least proof it was "downscaled".
Those ships are all at different points in space and at different positions relative to the camera. How do you determine each ships' relative size to the other?

If that's still your personal belief that's fine. If it is not, then we may just go straight back to the beginning of this thread where I provided plenty of reasons.
Since not a single one of your reasons can be backed up by canon proof (other than a small registry number which also cannot be reliably used to determine a starship's age), I will certainly continue to believe what I believe.
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