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Re: Assignment: Earth - Is it Really a Star Trek Episode?

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You know, let's look at the time frame. Batman came out in January 1966 and a lot of shows tried to copy it. In September 1966, Batman producer William Dozier got another half hour show on, The Green Hornet. It had the same production values but the shows were more or less played straight rather than Batman's absurdity factor.
Which is more comprehensible when you realize that both shows were faithfully adapting their source material. The Batman comics of the mid-60s were every bit as goofy and comedic and bizarre as the TV series, and indeed even more so because they had aliens and time travel and Superman frequently showing up to play sick pranks on Batman or compete with him over women. Whereas the Green Hornet was mainly known from a radio series and two movie serials that were straight-up crimebusting dramas with high-tech, pulpy gadgetry, so the TV series followed in the same vein.

Maybe Roddenberry was trying to do something in that style.
Interesting thought. Still, it's hard to tell from the script whether he was intentionally trying to do a sitcom or was trying to do an adventure show with humor and went overboard on the humor. The pilot script is either a very unfunny comedy or a somewhat ridiculous drama.
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