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Re: Getting it in the house

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Oh God, I thought you were talking about getting "it" in the house.
Through the backdoor?
Incidentally, my college roommates and I lived in a house that we nicknamed "The Butt Sex House," specifically because you had to enter through the rear....

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In our old house, we always had to take stuff into the basement through the outside bulkhead. The stairs were removable for the really big and awkward stuff.
It would have fit fine through the outside cellar door except that at some point in this house's life somebody built a second door in between the cellar and the basement, and the door frame was too narrow for the dryer to fit inside.

We ended up having to dismantle the dryer, and even then it barely fit. But it's in, and it works, and now I'm going to do some laundry!
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