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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

I think at least a large minority of fans would love to revisit the Prime timeline. I count myself among them. Personally, I see no reason why the Alternate Reality timeline couldn't continue in movie form and the Prime timeline on tv. I know
there are those who would say that would confuse most people, but I don't see it that way.

For one thing, the Abramsverse actually lends itself well to this sort of treatment whereas it isn't a straight reboot. In fact, it's as much a sequel to Star Trek: Nemesis as it is a prequel and reimagining of TOS. The technology of the Abramsverse is in some ways as advanced as the technology in the Nemesis-era of the Prime timeline and in a few cases perhaps more advanced, so technologically speaking, a series set in the 25th century of the Prime timeline wouldn't necessarily be that much more advanced than anything seen in the two Abrams' films.

Also, a tv series done in the Abramverse style set in the mid to late 25th century of the Prime timeline that takes a back to basics approach could easily be popular. With such an approach, you could bring in both new fans, old fans, Abramsverse fans, Prime timeline fans. A lot of the fans the Abrams' films have brought to Star Trek wouldn't really care which timeline a tv series would be set in as long as it was entertaining and perhaps somewhat thought provoking. The problem wouldn't so much be the audience, but rather convincing tv execs that a Trek series set in the Prime timeline could still work and ensuring that execs wouldn't continually interfere with the vision of the production team.
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