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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 80; The woes of Miles Edward O'Brien

EVEK: We're here to arrest you, Miles O'Brien, and put you through a fixed trial with trumped up charges for political gain.
O'BRIEN: Oh, thank God. I was about to go on a vacation alone with Keiko!

O'BRIEN: You never told me you had a daughter from a previous marriage!
KEIKO: Yeah, I was really young and gave her away. I didn't think I'd see her again.
O'BRIEN: Does she have a learning disability, or...
KEIKO: The father was a Nausicaan. I WAS 17.

O'BRIEN: On the bright side, this is the least terrible thing that's ever happened to me.

KEIKO: Happy birthday Molly! For your present, Daddy is going to take you to your first Flotter program!

O'BRIEN: Is that...Keiko dancing naked?
BASHIR: Sorry. That's from MY subconscious.
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