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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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For the record, Jesse didn't say he was going to attack Walt's "other home". He said he was going to attack him where he "really lives". That is a metaphor for what is really important to Walt. I think we know that the thing that is important to Walt is his family, at least I think that's what is still most important to him.
We in the audience may think that, but does Jesse? Walt always kept Jesse away from his family life, he didn't even tell him that he was cooking meth to make money for his family, Jesse had to figure that out on his own. What Jesse knows is Walt's business dealings. Jesse sees Walt as a meth kingpin, not a father. Walt's "in the empire business." That's where Walt really lives from Jesse's perspective.

I'll bet whatever Jesse is planning involves Lydia and Todd. I have no idea what he's planning to do with them, but we're halfway through these final episode and they haven't come into play yet, something is clearly about to happen with them.
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