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Re: Photo request -- Enterprise hangar deck studio miniature

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People make mistakes. People misremember things. The book "Inside Star Trek" proves this in spades. Is it easier to believe someone was mistaken about where some decals came from, or that someone built a near-perfect reproduction of a poorly documented miniature? I'd say the former. You clearly disagree.
I do photo shoots and photo manipulation for a living. IMO, what you're seeing here is the result of two shots taken at two different angles with different lenses. At this scale, a small movement equates to large visual differences. One shot is more compressed, ie: the camera was closer to the wall which is why you can also see the sides of the alcoves better. The difference in relative position of the sign and red light are easily explained by compression. Keep in mind that they are not on the same plane. The sign is inset.

I see nothing specifically inconsistent with these being photos of the same model.
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