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Re: Stephen King's Under the Dome - TV Series Discussion Thread

Cop lady seem to rather easily and quickly accept that Big Jim's lies about Barbie were true. Yes, Cop Lady, Barbie shot Julia in the shoulder (though he's shown himself to be a bit better shot) and then rushed her to the hospital and worked tirelessly to save her life. Boy is she going to feel like an ass when she wakes up and says she was shot by "some blonde lady." And, yeah, just go ahead and accept that Barbie shot Julia, the two baddies at the quarry and drowned some random woman in the lake. It just ALLLLLL makes sense, doesn't it. Then go and taint your only pool of jury members by telling them all Barbie did this. Fair trial my ass.

God, this show is a wreck. Though the mystery stuff with the "kids" and the mini-dome is getting pretty good and Julia's naked midriff and barefoot so there's also that.

This show is just a wreck but I can't stop watching it!

I actually also, in part, want to get the DVD set because I like the dome/snowglobe packaging.
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