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Re: Gilmore Girls - When did it go bad?

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Season 6, Amy Sherman-Palladino ruined the show before she left, I didn't miss her, the show wasn't good during season 7 but I blame her for the shitty storylines she started.
Exactly. The downfall of the show started in season 5, continued with Logan and not getting rid of him in season 6. Then Luke changes, Rory is a brat, Luke has a daughter. It was all horrible well before the creators left/forced out the show.

I remember reading people online when the episodes first came out that Rory is a brat because of how she was raised. I could see that to a point, but there was several times in which she should have realized what she became and she didn't! or if she did would forget the next week.

Everyone blames the new people for the "bad" season 7. I didn't see most of it but I know the storyline. To me they did a great job with the mess of a show they were left. My main problems were all because of past season storylines. It's not like they could just do "It's a dream, Chris and Lorelia never slept together".

My main problem with what I saw of season 7 was the bizarre camera work they did.

And the season 7 finale, while not planned at the series finale, is one of the best fitting series finales I have seen. It fits the show.

I still really wish they would make the movie where Luke and Lorelia get married under than little arcway Luke made for her in season 1-2.
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