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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

You might confusing people saying they are ok with a new timeline with saying they don't care.
That is a possibility yes.

That's ridiculous. Into Darkness has almost NONE of the story of any other Trek movie.
Almost NONE? I suggest you watch TWOK again if you're to stand by that comment.

It really depends on which episode you're watching.
I don't ever recall watching an episode or movie that didn't have at least some sort of back story. Please tell me if I'm wrong.

Really ? If you can't seen what they can do then the prime timeline isn't going to solve that problem. Sheesh, they did it ONCE.
I can think of hundreds of unexplored ideas etc. within the Prime line but thats for another thread, and what I meant by that comment is that if they're just going to cherry pick ideas from previous movies then I can't see this alternate timeline lasting too long IMO.

Sure. It's about a younger Enterprise crew, especially Kirk and Spock, learning about their abilities and about making mistakes. Both of the main characters have grown quite a bit in the span of two
I agree in the first movie we explored quite a bit about the main characters etc. and I feel that if they'd carried on in that direction then Into Darkness could have been a great movie. But again it just felt Lazy and an easy thing to do by basing the movie on a previous ones ideas.

Star Trek 2009 was a good Star Trek movie for the most part, it certainly comes across as a more well written movie than Into Darkness IMO

This isn't a documentary.
Well done, I'm not saying we have to learn specific facts in a documentary way, I'm saying they could have done a great back story, introduced us to something different other than the action we were watching on screen. It felt hollow to me and if it didn't to you then that's great but I'm just giving my opinion.
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