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I was honestly disappointed by 2012's blockbuster offerings. The summer movie season peaked with The Avengers and none of the subsequent films were as good. Of course I ended up loving The Dark Knight Rises, but that's because I'm a biased Batman fan. Even that movie was slightly disappointing.

This year honestly seemed very promising with three big films I was looking forward to (Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Man of Steel) and for some reason I ended up feeling disappointed by all three. I ended up loving some of the original, more obscure movies like Pacific Rim and The Conjuring - one was a thoroughly entertaining original blockbuster and the other was a damn good horror film that harkened back to the 70s'/80's era of horror thrillers. So I guess it's not a total surprise I ended up loving more of the original films this summer rather than the franchise pictures we normally see.

2014 does seem slightly more promising but honestly the only movie I'm really looking forward to next summer is X-Men: Days of Future Past and that's it. I don't really count Interstellar because that's November 2014 - but I guess this thread is about 2014 in film so it does count. 2015 seems like one hell of a year in movies, though. Star Wars: Episode VII, Batman vs. Superman, Jurassic Park IV, The Avengers 2, Mission: Impossible V, the Terminator reboot, the Fantastic Four reboot, Independence Day 2, Ant-Man, the next James Bond film, and the list continues. All in the same year.

Can we just fast-forward to 2015 already? Haha.
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