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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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That comment about 'Walt's other home'. He's not talking about the laundry. Jesse knows Walt's other criminal associates. Todd, Lydia. Todd'd be a rock in an interrogation, but Lydia? Jesse knows she's a coward and knows how she ships the meth to the Czech Republic.

And Hank? He's sharp enough to figure out the 'Talk or we'll put you in holding and make it look like you talked' play.
This 'other home' business could refer to his home life. As long as Jesse has worked with Walt, the drug making has become their true home, where they both excel at what they do. Perhaps Jesse will be off to tell Junior a few home truths?

I could be a million miles away but either way I'd love to see Junior's reaction to the real truth. He'd be so pissed.
For the record, Jesse didn't say he was going to attack Walt's "other home". He said he was going to attack him where he "really lives". That is a metaphor for what is really important to Walt. I think we know that the thing that is important to Walt is his family, at least I think that's what is still most important to him.

But Jesse told this to Hank so whatever the plan is, seems to me, it would have to involve getting tangible evidence (physical evidence, witness statements, confessions, etc.) against Walt. I can't see how telling Junior about Walt's crimes is going to result in any tangible evidence against Walt. Jesse could do it as a revenge thing, but again, how would that yield any evidence?

Perhaps Jesse will use telling Jr. as a threat, which might get to Skylar as well as Walt. I don't think Jesse is aware of Skylar's involvement. But how would this course of action sit with Hank? Junior is his nephew and he loves the kid. Would Hank even allow him to be involved in the plot to get his father? Hard for me to see Hank going for this. And don't let Marie find out.

Jesse has already made an attack on Walt's personal life. Dragging Walt Jr. in would seem like they'd be going to the same "well" twice, something this show wouldn't do (I don't think), even though things seem to be pointing us in this direction.

Said all that to say that I'm just not sure of where this thing is going.
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