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Re: Extract MIDI files from Judgement Rites?

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For JR audio I selected MT32 for music device with port 330 and for sound I used soundblaster pro with port 220 irq 7 dma 1. I do not have access on this forum to attach files so I cant post the patched files.

The patches are only to fix General Midi reset issues anyway. If you are going to use MT-32 then all you really need is to overwrite your games trekjr.exe with the new one tikalat made which fixes the MT-32 detection issue.

I know this is an obvious and probably silly question but just to cover all bases you are using the CD collectors edition and not the floppy version? I ask as tikalats exe is specifically for the collectors CD and wont work (and is not needed) for other versions.

Thanks for replying, I am on the CD Collectors edition, running DosBox .74 i think.
25th anniversary plays MT32 perfectly, so something must be right.

I did try to using the auto detect sound utility in the STJR CD setup screen.
it just found soundblaster 16 for both sound and music.

I'll try your suggestions.
Can't wait to hear it!

one last clarification, if I don't really need the patch files...what is it they are supposed to do?
(what would I be missing by not utilizing them)

thanks again for posting about the MT-32.
I had a soundblaster AWE32 back in the day and was in AWE (pun intended) at how much better the midi music was on the games that supported it. And I always wished these Interplay Trek titles could sound better...and now they do.

On a side note, I wonder if it's possible to locate the transporter effect sound in whichever file it is
and replace it with the more authentic sound in 25th anniversary cd, then repack it so it sounds
that way in Judgement Rites CD.
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