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I found it to be a very entertaining movie. Predictable though. I think as a sequel the 2009 film which I was disappointed by they did a good job and they chucked in a lot of stuff I can Trekgeek out over. But that Vengeance ship looks crap and that's mostly because of it's humongous size.
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What a silly statement. It was designed to to exactly what is states in the movie, to be overpowered and fight threats like Nero and Klingons. Its over-armored, brutish and less aesthetically pleasing than other UFP ships but it has it's own charm. It's a challenge coming up with something similar but different.
I like how all the praise Saul gave the movie is ignored whereas a subjctive opinion on the look of a spaceship is merciless jumped on and torn to shreds.

Kinda lends credence to this...

And the shitstorm begins where Person 4 has to defend his opinion down to the tiniest detail against those other people.

It might, if Saul was in any way obligated to defend his opinion, or if one more drive-by dose of the Same Old Smug™ from RAMA was in any way equivalent to being "merciless jumped on and torn to shreds" by "those other people".

But he's not, it's not, and you've got naught but more of the Same Old Drive-by Shazam™. You may sit down now, and thank you for your contribution.

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