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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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this is one of those things about Voyager..everyone says oh they beat all these cubes, but they never did. They destroyed one little scout ship, and one other ship because they had assimilated crewmembers inside sabotaging it from the inside.
I never said they were destroying them. I have said they were weakened beyond absurdity that they stopped being threatening.

Scorpion was an example of doing it right, even Seven by herself was threatening. Yet in this episode and the Gift, you think they'd send a Cube just to see what happened or get the modified nanoprobes. I mean 8472 might just come back and all. They later retconned they wanted Seven to join Voyager, though that never made much sense.

Infinite Regress... I guess the Borg just are okay with anyone salvaging through their ships and wouldn't send another ship to retrieve/destroy their technology. Wait... didn't they do that in TNG's I Borg? Oh who cares, it's not like anyone would try and use what's there to destroy the Collective or anything.

Dark Frontier... yeah they blow up the small ship. I can buy that. That was actually a great sequence and teaser. What I can't buy is not only do they manage to casually board the Cube, despite them knowing they're coming, but they manage to invade the Unicomplex, ferry away Seven right out of the Queen's enclave and get away all without a scratch. I suppose the Queen let them get away again....

Drone... I don't buy at all they'd leave Voyager alone just because One died. They should've been going after Voyager full force even after that. If nothing else to make sure Voyager can't produce something that powerful again. Not to mention since apparently a few stray nanoprobes in the mobile emitter can produce superborg, they would've nabbed the very technological advantage they wanted anyways. Guess they were just too lazy to bother being through.

Collective... well how nice of them to leave another depot of technology for anyone to happen upon. It's not like the Borg go out of their way to collect the dead or anything... that was in TNG... oh wait, wasn't Seven also rescued from a disaster by them? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! Guess the pathogen made them too lazy to follow up on the little things like that.

Unimatrix Zero... oh boy. Now this is where I can say unequivocally the Borg were dumb. A couple renegade drones on a single Cube? Suuuure... blow it up. That's what we can expect from a race who values efficiency. As efficient as dropping a nuke on New York City because you think their might be a terrorist cell there. To say nothing of the "advanced tactical cube" that Voyager fights without harm... not only that, but they made it shut down for repairs for a few hours. But Voyager didn't weaken the Borg...

Then in Endgame they just stopped pretending, turned on Godmode and went a Borg killin! Yeehaw!
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