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^Only gigantic releases?

I did like last year's blockbusters more than this year's. I wonder if blockbusters, or movies in general, that have a single person writing and directing tend to be better?

Too much revenge this year.
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^Cap 2 sounds very very fun. More so than the obvious Iron Mans or what Thor 2 seems to be like. Maybe it is a darkhorse and their best movie. Maybe it isn't.

Days of Future Past had a nice look and tone in the Wolverine preview.

Whatever they try, Spider-Man will never be proper good while Sony's in charge.
Completely disagree.

Cap2 is written by the guys who did the first Cap and Pain&Gain. It will be fragmented, in a way that loses suspense and half of the movie's potential, bit like Iron Man 3.

Spider-Man could very well become proper good in its fifth attempt, just like a certain Doctor Who episode writer.

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