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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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The "Prime Timeline" doesn't actually exist.

I think fans are making a distinction that exists nowhere except inside their own heads.

There is no a single cohesive overarching "prime" universe. Whether fans want to admit it or not, TMP was the first Trek reboot.
No official statement, so that's not even close to being true, same with TWOK. All press/interviews called TMP the "continuing" story of TOS, not anything along the lines of...

"a different take on..."

"not really in the same storyline as.."

..or anything else that would be 1979's version of "reboot" or "reimagining."
Doesn't Roddenberry's novelization dismiss TOS as dramatic presentations based on the adventures of the "real" Enterprise?

It was soft reboot. As was TWOK.
That's a novel. Roddenberry flip-flopping around when it suited him--particularly in print--was never said to apply to the TOS - movie transition. Few even considered anything in the novelization.
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