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Re: Gilmore Girls - When did it go bad?

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In the Supernatural Universe it is strongly suggested that that Sam Winchester played Dean in the episode where he had to abort a Universal Tour to avoid incriminating himself and what he did to pay for College.
Heh. I'd forgotten that bit of business.

As to the OP's question: the answer is, of course, the final scene of season six. I consider that scene as a huge middle finger from the departing showrunner to the higher ups -- not so much a passing of the baton, more of a hurling the baton into the thick, thorny bushes with the parting shot, "You think the show'll be fine without me? Dig it out of this mess yourselves!" So Rebecca Rand Kirshner takes over as showrunner in season seven and wastes no time in proving how essential Amy Shearman-Palladino really was to the series.

I soldiered through the final season like many die-hard fans but -- like Brian Michael Bendis once said that West Wing ended, for him, at the end of the fourth season when Sorkin left -- Gilmore Girls truly ended after the sixth season, for me.
That's what pisses me off with the fans. They hate season 7 because the creators were fired and replaced, but the old creators had that horrible season 6 ending. The show was shit before then, and the new guy was just trying to work through the mess.
Stupid things in seasons 5-6...

Rory sleeps with Dean, then is mad at her mom for saying the truth? Stupid. I thought season 5 would open with Rory realizing how stupid she was, nope.

Logan. And Rory not seeing she is being a brat.

Luke acting increasingly like an ass, even before the daughter.

Then Luke's daughter, great actress, stupid, horrible storyline. I see Luke being overly into his family and such, but Lorelai was like family too.


The show should have grown Rory, because she would have grown up. But she messed up so many times it was unreal. Season 5 could have been the "Rory as a screw up" year, sleeping with a married man, going out with the horrible Logan, getting in trouble for stealing a boat. But then she should have snapped out of it. She never snapped out of it. It's called Gilmore Girls yet the two main characters were fighting for most of season 5-6. The one thing I like about the ending of the show was that Rory finally did her own thing and became her own person. Some thing that should have happened in stages a lot sooner.
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