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IŽd love to have a book with lots of high quality pictures of all the filming miniatures of starships and shuttlecraft, along with props and sets. Something like the Trek version of the Star Wars Chronicles. And I wouldnŽt mind, if theyŽd put the emphasis on TOS and the first six movies
that's pretty much what my 1992 proposal for THE ART OF STAR TREK: Designing the 23rd Century for Film & TV, consisted of, along with EXTENSIVE interviews with the art dept & VFX designers. My mockup for the book filled a good-sized notebook (even the detailed outline of chapters and subchapters ran to several pages), and it traced each aspect of Trek from origin through to TUC, so you'd see the evolution of the bridge from CAGE onward, look of starbases evolving, etc.

Once I started cutting up mags and books (boy do I wish i had NOT done that now!), I noticed that you'd often find pics of any given ship shot from the same angle in different decades (e and refit, kllngon battle cruiser and Ktinga, etc.), so there was some pleasant layout possibilities.

I spent months on that thing, and I'm still pretty proud of it (used it as a writing sample a few times to good effect, almost got me an X-Files NF out of it.) The Ronald Moore who was the VFX guy on GENERATIONS, TNG and VOYAGER liked it too, because he and Dan Curry had been thinking for years of doing some print volume showing the storyboard-to-screen aspect of doing the series.

but the main thing for me was getting to do comprehensive interviews with designers before they all started dying off. As is, we got just a taste of what I'd hoped for in the CFQ 30th anniversary issue, but every time I read through that, I wind up with more questions than when I started, though at least they got Richard Datin's contributions into print!

Naturally, I rather despise the book Pocket wound up doing, not just for how it wastes pages and pages on movie posters and Abel storyboards for TMP bridge live-action that look like a boring comic strip, but because it just squandered the opportunity to do this right. If they had done TOS justice, you could have done dedicated followup volumes on TNG and the rest. I even put in an addendum showing how you could repurpose the interviews for a CD-ROM or laserdisc edition of the book, which would offer the bonus of film segments.

I'd second the idea of somebody doing something with PLANET OF THE TITANS, though my preference would have been to use it for a standalone Trek film, with the characters changed so you'd have Capt April and crew becoming the TITANS.
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