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Re: Why is Janeway so fickle over AI RIghts?

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The Doctor had a desire to grow beyond his that something common among all the EMH mark 1s? Is that desire part of their programming? Do they all have a desire to learn and grow? or was the doctor unique in that aspect. If there was a second ship somewhere that left their mark 1 running for as long as Voyager did, would he also develop interest in art and music and such?
Weren't some of those questions addressed in "It's Only A Paper Moon?" Vic Fontaine's extended period of operation led him to deepen his understanding of human psychology and a desire to manipulate his environment (at least within the confines of 1960s America).
no, Vic was always aware that he was a hologram, he never had a desire to change anything. The only thing that changed for Vic in that episode was that from that point on Quark said he would keep him running all the time
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