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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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Of course, in the couple years before Who that the Short Form category existed, it was dominated by Joss Whedon shows, and I'm sure if the category had existed before that it would have been heavy on Star Trek.
Back in the old category, Star Trek: The Next Generation won twice, which is the same number of times as Babylon 5.
Right, but the old category was so dominated by films (65 of 75 nominees in the period Star Trek shows were on the air) that it's impossible to say what would have gotten the nod if there was a separate short form category. I'm sure Babylon 5 would have been as visible as Star Trek during its run, but I'm not sure that being dominated by two (uneven) franchises is better than being dominated by one.

And it's not just that Doctor Who wins almost every year, but that it is nominated multiple times, which mostly suggests the voters aren't watching much else genre TV besides Doctor Who (and just looking at the list here, Fringe was nominated exactly one time, Battlestar Galactica was nominated several times but literally never won...)
It's not that they aren't watching other shows, it's that they're hardcore enough fans, and caught up in fandom enough, to feel that any Doctor Who is superior to everything else. It's the same reason Seanan McGuire, an obviously mediocre writer but prolific and visible in prose fiction fandom, got a record five nominations this year in prose categories. Hugo voters don't do nuanced analysis of quality; they go with what they and their friends have fun with.
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