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Re: The book you're waiting for...

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IŽd love to have a book with lots of high quality pictures of all the filming miniatures of starships and shuttlecraft, along with props and sets. Something like the Trek version of the Star Wars Chronicles. And I wouldnŽt mind, if theyŽd put the emphasis on TOS and the first six movies

I'd actually sketched up a concept many years ago, but never knew who to send it to.

I'm talking a LARGE book with new photos of each ship model, one full page (landscape format) side view, full page top view, full page bottom, etc etc. Then pages of angles and then pages of detail closeups. No 2-page spreads with a damn fold in the middle of the ship.

Of course it's too late now that the models have been sold off, and there are plenty of pictures online now anyway.
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