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Re: DS9 Episodes That Would Work on TOS

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Armageddon Game: Spock and McCoy are helping to destroy a biological weapon when they are apparently killed by a malfunction in the security system. They must then survive long enough for Kirk and Co. to figure it out and find them before they are killed to protect the secret of what really happened.
I love this one. I always loved any stories that had Spock and Bones in trouble together.
Thanks, and same!

For fun, how about Trials and Tribble-ations?

During a fairly routine stop (not counting Klingons and Tribbles) at space station K-7, Kirk and co. become slowly aware that they are being shadowed by people pretending to be Starfleet officers, but don't appear on any official records. They carefully investigate the intruders, making sure they don't become aware that they are being observed. They turn out to be Starfleet officers after all, but from the future!
Another good one.
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