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Actually, the first issue of Untold Voyages does feature some subtle references the early '80s Marvel run with the character-design of the Klingons aboard the K't'inga-class battlecruisers -- they're pretty much a spot-on recreation of their TMP "lobster" appearances (in the sense of looking very much like Cockrum's interpretation), as well as in smaller details like how the Klingon captain fires his disruptor, the disruptor's appearance, etc.
I'm sorry, I don't see that at all. Michael Collins and Keith Williams's Klingons don't look any more like Cockrum and Janson's than one would expect from two different art teams interpreting the same makeup design from the movie. The UV version is far more detailed and has elements from later Klingon designs influencing it (like longer hair on several of the Klingons, and more pronounced supraorbital ridges).

And I don't know what you mean about the disruptor's appearance. The disruptors in the 1980 issue are based on the Klingon disruptors seen in TOS (seen most clearly on #5, p. 26, panel 2, when Spock nerve-pinches a Klingon and takes the weapon), while the ones in UV #1 are different in shape and color (the only good look we get is on panel 3 of the third-to-last page -- the weapon has a thicker, more complex barrel and is purple instead of pinkish-gray).
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