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Re: What happened to Star Trek III: TSFS?

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The bit about Protomatter was kind of un-ncessary. We could have believed Genesis was unstable - especially in a first uncontrolled planetary scale test without some secret forbidden ingredient. Maybe the writers wanted to give David a rash\risk taking side like his father?
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And I almost forgot: So Dr. Carol Marcus, concerned about microscopic lifeforms in ST II, was essentially a fraud and the whole Genesis stuff was a hoax because they used unstable matter? Here the subsequent movie obviously created a twist at the expense of previously introduced characters and what the screenplay writers had tried to establish in ST II.
I got the impression David used the protomatter cheat without the knowledge of Carol or the others.
Same here. I can't remember if I got that impression from the movie itself or the novel of the movie which I read.
"Protomatter" wasn't in the novel. David's secret was much vaguer, as I recall. He said something along the lines of "I knew I should have rechecked a couple of those equations because something didn't seem quite right." It was only professional negligence in the novel, not a deliberate use of something forbidden and unethical. But I'm pretty sure David hadn't told anyone else about his misgivings.
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