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Re: If the plot of JJ's Trek had been an TOS episode

After just finishing reading These Are The Voyages there's no way the story in JJ's film would have been filmed as is. Despite the pressures they were under the creative team behind TOS were obviously are lot more talented than those who cobbled ST09 and STID together. There is so much convoluted logic and nonsense in those films it's disgraceful. Additionally Roddenberry and the rest (including the cast) would have balked at seeing their characters so out of character.

Furthermore Robert Justman would have had an aneurism over all the proposed f/x, extra sets, miniatures and the rest. It would have blown TOS' for the season if not bankrupt Desilu outright. So essentially the story doesn't get made.

No matter how fantastic their stories might have seemed the original creative team did strive for a sense of credibility and consistency.

Harlan Ellison and other writers were far more talented than JJ's writers and they couldn't get their original story pitches accepted as is.
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