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Re: If the plot of JJ's Trek had been an TOS episode

Ep 2 Teaser would kick off with Kirk encountering Spock ‘Prime’ on Delta Vega (DV is desert like in ‘Where No Man’). in a similar way to Picard encountering Spock at end of Unification 1

Opening Credits

We find out this Spock is from season 2 era TOS – so is same age as alternate Spock – (no need for Spock and Nero to be from 24th century) spock and the NCC-1701 were on a mission to help save Romulus when they were attacked by nero (who wanted the red matter to help save Romulus himself fearing the Federation wouldn’t do it). The Ent was disabled in the resulting nova and both it and romulus were destroyed. Both spocks shuttle and neros ship were pulled through the black hole – Nero emerging 34 years earlier…and spock just a day or so ago in the new alternate timeline…

Continues similar throughout finding Scotty (Doohan) right to the end with alternate Kirk and Spock Prime teaming up saving Pike and earth…but destroying the narada in the blackhole results in the debris ending up at the start destroying the just emerging narada in 2233..thus the Kelvin survives and just monitors the strange anomaly and capturing data that will be vital for starfleet in dealing with strange nova like anomalies….we go back to 2267 and the future is set back to normal..(like ‘Yesterdays Enterprise’) – with Starfleet having dealt with the hobus supernova way before it becomes deadly to Romulus (due to the info gathered by the Kelvin)

last scene would be something like season 2 Kirk Prime in his quarters sensing something isn’t quite right

Gets up and looks at a photo of his recently deceased pop..Spock enters and they share a moment trying to recall something..but kirk cant quite place it (although Spock knows)

last shot of Ent warping away…end credits…
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