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I found it to be a very entertaining movie. Predictable though. I think as a sequel the 2009 film which I was disappointed by they did a good job and they chucked in a lot of stuff I can Trekgeek out over. But that Vengeance ship looks crap and that's mostly because of it's humongous size.
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What a silly statement. It was designed to to exactly what is states in the movie, to be overpowered and fight threats like Nero and Klingons. Its over-armored, brutish and less aesthetically pleasing than other UFP ships but it has it's own charm. It's a challenge coming up with something similar but different.
I like how all the praise Saul gave the movie is ignored whereas a subjctive opinion on the look of a spaceship is merciless jumped on and torn to shreds.

Kinda lends credence to this...

And the shitstorm begins where Person 4 has to defend his opinion down to the tiniest detail against those other people.
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