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If the plot of JJ's Trek had been an TOS episode

What if 2009 Trek had been done in TOS? – a two parter like ‘The Menagerie’ as if it were made in 1967 season 2 with TOS cast and someone like Gene Hackman as Nero (when Hackman was doing tv guest starring like The Invaders). Narada would be a minimalist set and the Ent bridge would look similar to how it normally did in TOS except with a few differences – maybe redressed so it was more like The Cage/Where No Man (and like the way the Ent D was different in Yesterdays Enterprise), uniforms are similar but different insignias etc – maybe even the Cage/WNMHGB style (again like uniform changes in YE)

Titled – ‘Parallel’ :

TEASER: stardate 2233
Kelvin destruction…(Kelvin looks like this)

Opening credits.

Flashfoward to season 2 of TOS era (2267):
Kirk (Shatner) is a lowly Lt based in Iowa and meets Uhura (Nichols) in a bar – similar to the bar scene in ‘Court Martial’ or ‘Trouble with Tribbles.’ Beat up Kirk encounters Captain Pike (Jeff Hunter) of the brand new Enterprise. Tells him to shape up his fathers death saved 800 lives etc. Kirk looks longingly at the newly built Enterprise (matte painting like Rigel VII)

Hitches a ride on the shuttle and meets the newly assigned Bones (Kelly) then follows pretty much the same (no 3 year gap or Kobiashi Maru test)… although instead of the space jump onto the drill the landing party just go over to the narada….Pike is captured, Kirk ends up on Delta Vega (via a transporter malfuntion), vulcan is destroyed and acting captain Spock is killed!


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