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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Wow, totally shocked at the amount of people saying they don't care or that the prime line is dead...
You might confusing people saying they are ok with a new timeline with saying they don't care.

I'm all for going back personally, rather than sitting through another Into Darkness, which basically used the same story and just switched characters when it came to 'Who dies of radiation poisoning' and piled in a load of CGI explosions etc.
That's ridiculous. Into Darkness has almost NONE of the story of any other Trek movie.

Star Trek for me is about a story
It really depends on which episode you're watching.

Star Trek is dead because I can't see what they can do other than keep rehashing old story lines and switching what happens to who.
Really ? If you can't seen what they can do then the prime timeline isn't going to solve that problem. Sheesh, they did it ONCE.

You tell me where the new story is?
Sure. It's about a younger Enterprise crew, especially Kirk and Spock, learning about their abilities and about making mistakes. Both of the main characters have grown quite a bit in the span of two movies.

I learnt nothing new.
This isn't a documentary.
And that's my opinion.
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