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Re: Barely-legible graphics canon?

^^ Thanks for the reminder that there was something in the good old days that set Star Trek and Star Wars apart! (and therefore I loved both, just as I love apples and oranges...).

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^The sad fact is, a shuttlecraft could destroy the entire habitable surface of a planet -- all it'd have to do is use its impulse engines to accelerate to relativistic speed and then crash into the planet. The kinetic energy of the impact would be comparable to that of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.
Is that a fact? IIRC the asteroid that caused the nuclear winter 65 million years ago had the size of New York City's Central Park.

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Alternatively, any ship with a tractor beam could divert an asteroid onto a collision course with a planet and have the same effect.
But haven't we seen that is nearly impossible to successfully divert an asteroid both in the 23rd ("The Paradise Syndrome") and the 24th Century ("Deja Q")?

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And yet there's rarely any mention of Earth or any other Federation world having any kind of orbital defenses, except in TMP (where V'Ger got the shutdown codes for the defense grid from the Enterprise computer) and ST'09 (when Nero tortured the codes out of Pike).
Just because it hasn't been mentioned doesn't mean it's not there, and where it would have played a role you just delivered proof for ist existence.

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