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Re: thoughts on alice eve returning as carol marcus

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I'm maybe in the minority camp here, but whilst i enjoyed STID, I thought there were to many callbacks to TWOK in the movie. I didn't see the need to re-use Khan, would the film really have been much different it Harrison was just another gentically enhanced superman who like Khan lef/was banished into space following the eugenics war?
I'm in the same boat, STID was a decent enough film but when they started reusing the TWOK script it just became really dull. If Harrison had remained as the baddie, even without the genetic superman traits, but just an "evil genius" with a serious grudge against Starfleet, then it would have made for a more enjoyable film all round.

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They should kill off Uhura in the start of the next movie and replace her with Carol as main cast

She really really is.

I'm waiting for the moment in the third film when she snaps her fingers and goes 'Mm-hmm'.
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