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Re: If they made a 25th century TV series, would you watch it?

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Your sentlements of TNG/VOY/DS9 is just that, sentlement. And perhaps you can gather together a few hundred fans who want that type of Trek on TV, but at the cost of repelling millions of other potential viewers.
How would making a 25th century show automatically repel millions of viewers, and how is your "Because anything else with a Star Trek label is a diluted spin-off which is doomed for failure" not sentiment?
I think what he means is that back in the late '90's it would have been fine to create a Trek show with new characters on a new ship, because it was a) syndicated, and b) the highest rated show on the lowest rated network. But now, those models aren't really viable anymore. The general viewing public will be what makes or breaks a Trek series today, and the general public will not care about a new crew or ship. It's Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise that will draw them in, as has been proven with the films.
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