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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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I agree, I think it's going to have something to do with Walt's family--and not Hank, since Jesse's already figuratively in bed with him. He knows that Skyler knows about the business, so that leaves Walt Jr. What I don't know is if Jesse knows enough about Walt's family to realize just how much it would devastate Flynn to know his father is a criminal mastermind, drug dealer, and murderer.
Yeah that's the problem. I don't think Jesse really knows enough (or has even been made aware) about what Junior knows or doesn't know about the situation. And since he truly IS an innocent in all this, I'm not sure Jesse could really bring himself to hurt him like that anyway.

My guess is Jesse's plan has more to do with Skyler, and with letting her in on the true scope of Walt's activities the last year and a half. The more Skyler learns, and the more pressure that's put on her, the more she might finally break and turn on Walt.

Or maybe Jesse will give Walt some kind of ultimatum-- either turn himself in, or he'll turn Lydia and her hit men against his family.
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