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Re: Theory About Why Most Don't Care for Enterprise as Much...

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No one ever complains about Spock being the only alien in the crew in TOS.
I was not a fan of Spock initially. I was fresh off The Outer Limits* a few years earlier. My first reaction upon seeing Spock was that he was the worst looking alien I'd ever seen. I thought it was sort of hokey to put an alien on the bridge. Maybe I was resenting the need for aliens to help humanity advance. Maybe it was a Forbidden Planet influence (or This Island Earth). Maybe I thought it was treating the Vulcans like technological gods. I don't know. Though usually I don't go around complaining about him like this.

EDIT: But I'm also a preacher's kid too (though he's long gone), so perhaps that's part of it.

* = Like that ugly mask Skip is wearing over there on the left between the cowboy and Melakon.
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