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Re: Theory About Why Most Don't Care for Enterprise as Much...

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The human-heavy crew I also found dull. Though not a favourite of mine, Phlox was an interesting addition, with some very alien abilities and a different approach to things, whilst T'Pol was a source of 'conflict'.
I also enjoy it more when there is a more "diverse" crew, however keep in mind it WAS the first command in space of that kind and the Federation had not been formed yet, therefore consisting of mostly humans, a Vulcan (which makes sense for the time period)...and Phlox (for some reason? I don't recall them explaining).

I really like when they have a more diverse crew, but can understand why they did not have one in THIS particular case.

I liked the integration of some recurring non-human characters towards the end such as Shran and the Xindi.
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