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Re: Theory About Why Most Don't Care for Enterprise as Much...

I really had a good time watching Enterprise. I knew going into it that it was considered to be the most "disliked" Trek, so I had low expectations. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

At first, the "new wording" (er, rather "old wording"?) did throw me off only at the very beginning, but it did convey to me that they were going for authenticity. That, and having Archer constantly "make mistakes" then mentioning that maybe one day there would be "rules" dictating ones behavior in a similar instance (aka the Prime Directive), also showed they were trying to go for a more authentic look at what it may have really been like in their century for space travel. I thought it took some thought of the writers and producers to put those in and it made sense.

The show got better and better as it went on. Sorry it went off while it did.
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