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Re: Where's the M/AM reaction in TOS Enterprise?

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If I'm allowed (?) I'd like to add

Indeed, WHAT?!?

No- You take it all back. No additional input!

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The April 1967 writer's guide is fairly clear: The two "outboard" nacelles contain matter and antimatter, a controlled intermixing of which creates the stupendous power needed. We are presently searching for an optical effect in, about, or between these nacelles which will make their spectacular potential seem more obvious to the eye. Since the document would've been known to the writing staff, no wonder the dialogue suggests the same.
Well put... That guide quote, paired with online dialogue, and concept drawings of the Enterprise are all canon, and therefore further validate the opinions of those in the Nacelles camp.

That said, if some want to believe otherwise, they can. I'm just hoping for fun information to support our respective positions. Nothing wrong with some good discussion... (Even if you who think it's in the main hull are wrong )
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